Individualized Yoga:

 Each person has a unique gift and way of interpreting life and yoga helps bring out that internal wisdom in every individual. Mary uses her skills  in each session as she combines hands on adjustments and assisted stretches to aid in alignment.   Specific poses are used to assist physical balance, to help strengthen body and to promote mental clarity. Breath work and visualizations help guide people inward so they can learn to access their internal energy. 


Outdoor Yoga: 

Nature and yoga are food for the soul. Enjoy the experience of practicing yoga within Mother Nature. Everyone can connect to what is important and true to them.


Kundalini Yoga: 

A 5000 year old system of yoga, Kundalini includes exercise sets called Kriyas, breath-work (pranayama), mantras and meditation. This all inclusive yoga helps strengthen the body's systems including  the nervous, glandular, and circulatory systems.

The breath work (pranayama)  aids in stabilizing and processing our emotions and developing awareness.

Mantras and meditations help to break through old ways of thinking and begin new positive neural pathways. It is referred to as the "yoga of awareness".



A detailed progressive sequence of movements that unfold with an inherent harmony and intelligence.

Each movement is synchronized with breath creating a moving meditation.


Private Sessions

BodyZen Massage and Yoga