Massage Therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. There is a wide variety of styles from around the world.   It is a natural remedy for healing and has been scientifically proven to have a multitude of benefits on every system in our body. Massage has a direct effect on our nervous system, immune system and musculo-skeleta system. It improves posture, relaxes muscles,improves range of motion, improves circulation, lowers heart rate, enhances neurotransmitters, and improves pre and post operative injury. It can alleviate and rid pain from any part of the body. An experienced massage therapist can customize your massage depending on your individual needs and goals.

Divine Deep Tissue                                  

This is the ultimate deep tissue massage incorporating shiatsu techniques to realign the spine and  sculpt the soft tissue of the body. Guided breath work will help this treatments effectively clear out deep patterns of muscular tension. This massage is geared to combat chronic and acute pain, decreasing inflammation and eases repetitive stress conditions. This is great for each and every individual who is stressed. You will leave with a feeling of full well being.


$150 for 60 minutes

Sports Massage                                   

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend jogger, this treatment Increases flexibility and range of motion, reduces muscle recovery time, and enhances endurance.

Mary will customize this massage for your sport of choice and your particular areas of stress.


$110 for 60 minutes; $140 for 90 minutes


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A very gentle hands on therapy used to move lymphatic fluid through the lymph system to help promote the bodies innate healing response. This work creates a very analgesic effect on the whole body.


$90 for 60 min $110 for 90min

Beyond Swedish                                   

A luxurious blend of modalities that fuses the long sweeping strokes of Swedish massage with techniques from acupressure, and deep tissue to tackle specific areas of tension. An effective stress-buster, it increases lymph flow flushing out toxins and giving a big boost to the immune system, enhances circulation, and soothes sore muscles.

$110 for 60 minutes; $140 for 90 minutes


Blissful Mama 

Gentle swedish massage incorporating lymphatic drainage techniques for pregnant women.  Geared to honor the sensitive physical changes women go through during their pregnacy of the mother-to-be or new mom. A nurturing approach that helps ease lower back pain, reduce anxiety, and re-energize body and mind.


$90 for 60 minutes; and $120 for 90mins


Sacred Stone 

The heated stones penetrate aching and sore muscles and they help release the tension in a very soothing way.  This combines the  fluid strokes of traditional massage with the energy of heated local baltic stones and warmed essential oils for deep muscle penetration. This treatment also improves circulation, calms the nervous system, and balances body and mind.


*This can be added to any massage session for $25


Reiki Healing

A very gentle hands on or off therapy used to move energy in the body and ignite the healing response of ones own inner healing.


$75 for 60 min $95 for 90min

BodyZen Massage and Yoga

BodyZen Massage and Yoga